Cops in Northampton, England are on the lookout for a crim who – clearly not instilled with any particular sense of comparative monetary value – stole a 7 foot venetian blind from a furniture shop, leading to one of the greatest candid CCTV snaps in modern history.

Please, cue the Pink Panther theme.

Apparently the bloke slipped through his pants leg and up through the neck of his jumper, which to be honest seems like it’d be extremely restrictive when it comes to making a daring and deft escape.

“Police have released a picture of a man who they wish to trace in connection with an alleged theft of a venetian blind,” Northamptonshire Police said in a statement.
“He then left the store making no attempt to pay for the item. He was followed by staff up a nearby canal path, where he dropped the blind before making off.

“The blind was damaged as a result. Officers would like to speak with the man pictured.”
One: who robs a furniture store? Two: if you decide to rob a furniture store, why is your chosen loot a 7-foot-long venetian blind? Why is this? Why? Let’s just assume he was filming the world’s worst remake of Ocean’s Eleven.

Source: The Telegraph.
Photo: Twitter.