Cop This Insane Footage Of A 1.5M Croc Launching At A British Tourist

Before we begin, we need to stress here: She’s ok. Everything’s fine. It’s shocking as hell, but the injuries are minor. That said, jesus shitting hell footage has surfaced of the split second where a goddamned saltwater croc leaps out of a river and bites the leg of a British tourist. NO THANK YOU PLEASE.

Footage shows the 24-year-old tourist identified only as Leah, and her friend Ally Bullifent, following a mudskipper along the banks of a shallow river near Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland when the 1.5 metre crocodile launched at them pair, landing a bite on Leah’s thigh.

Local health officials confirmed the young tourist was taken to Mossman Hospital where she was subsequently discharged earlier this morning, suffering only minor lacerations as a result of the bite.

Good grief, the footage. The footage.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection issued a statement after viewing footage of the incident, confirming they would be sending officials to assess the area, before sending a stern warning to anyone venturing near river and creek beds in FNQ.

Wildlife officers will carry out a site assessment of the area today and will potentially target the animal for removal. EHP reminds residents and visitors to North Queensland that no waterway in croc country can ever be considered to be free of crocodiles.

You wonder – nay, tremble – as to what Bob Katter makes of all this.