Croc Hanging Out At QLD Playground Caught In Wheelie Bin By Unfazed Locals

In more news from the unfathomable parallel universe that we call Far North Queensland, locals at the sleepy beachside town of Bramston Beach recently found a crocodile hanging out at the local playground. So they put him in a bin.
Joan Tsakissiris was returning from her morning walk when she spotted the 1.5 metre saurian sauntering through the grass towards a neighbour’s backyard. She thought it was a log at first, but as she told the Cairns Post:
I realised it was a croc. It looked as though it was coming from the beach.
Not content with sitting around waiting for the authorities to show up, residents cornered Little Toothy in front of the playground. According to Byron Peach, who owns a holiday home at the beach:
The neighbours actually went in there and wrassled him and rounded him up until the rangers got there.
Not only ‘wrassled’ him, but kept him contained in a wheelie bin until the officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection arrived to relocate him, probably to a croc farm or zoo where he’ll grow up big, strong, and full of rage. 
Last year a record 80 crocs were removed by rangers throughout Queensland, with most of them – obviously – coming from Cairns and the surrounding areas. 
Source: Cairns Post.
Image: EHP.