Critics Reckon Tiger King Season 2 Is Shithouse, Therefore Carole Baskin Probably Sabotaged It

Tiger King S2

Don’t reach for that leopard print just yet because reviewer claws are out and they are tearing Tiger King S2 a new one.

The time between season 1 and 2 has been an absolute circus for the show’s cast.

Last year Tiger King’s star Joe Exotic was in the mix for a presidential pardon to get him out of prison. The former zoo owner is currently serving a 22-year sentence for animal abuse and the attempted murder-for-hire of Baskin.

Joe’s rival Carole Baskin competed on America’s Dancing With The Stars. In one episode she literally dressed up in a furry lion suit for a Samba routine set to The Lion King’s Circle of Life banger. You cannot make this shit up.

A news reporter asked former commander in chief Donald Trump if he would consider the pardon. Joe was so confident that Trump would grant him clemency that Exotic booked a limousine to drive him from prison during Trump’s final days in office.

In terms of pure entertainment value, however, season two has suffered the wrath of the infamous sequel curse.

Polygon titled their evaluation “Tiger King 2 struggles to find a purpose” which is actually super relatable on a personal level, tbh.

They argue that the second season “continues some parts of that story and merely repeats others, haphazardly strewing all these loosely connected pieces across 200 or so shapeless minutes.”

According to Variety, the show is: “is a middling true-crime series on a streaming service chock full of the same, that furthermore lacks the attention span to dig deeper into the crucial context of its many, many stories.” Ooft.

The author goes on to say that “Season 2 is a dull rehash of a show that should’ve stayed in quarantine.” Anyone got some aloe vera for that burn?

Probably the most generous review was posted in the The Guardian, which wrote that “Tiger King 2, which always teeters on the chicken-wire fence between proper factual telly and exploitative waste of everyone’s time, just about comes down on the right side.”

Oh well. Guess we’ll just have to wait another 22 years for Joe to get out of jail and rescue the series for Season 3.