A Criminologist Has Weighed In On Melissa Caddick’s Disappearance & They Reckon It Was Murder

melissa caddick

A criminologist has given their two cents on the mysterious vanishing of Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick, and they reckon murder is the most likely explanation.

Dr Xanthe Mallett told Daily Mail Australia that while it’s *possible* Caddick is still alive, she thinks it’s very unlikely.

“It wouldn’t be impossible to disappear when you have that much money. As an investigator, I couldn’t rule it out. But what’s possible and likely are two very different things,” she said.

Mallett dismissed “wild speculation” that Caddick is still “hopping around somewhere spending her fortune”, but she doesn’t think Caddick died by suicide either.

“I know fact is stranger than fiction, however I don’t think we can stretch the fact this far,” she said.

“Based on her personality profile I don’t thinks she’s likely to have committed suicide.

“I think the most likely outcome is she was sadly murdered, second that she took her own life and third is that she’s still alive.”

To catch you up, Melissa Caddick disappeared after leaving her beach-side mansion to go for a run in the early morning of November 12, 2020.

The day before her disappearance, Australian Federal Police and ASIC found evidence (fake business documents) of Caddick swindling over $23 million from dozens of investors in an elaborate Ponzi scheme she’d been operating for eight years.

Three months later, her severed foot was found on a beach 400km away from the area she disappeared from and police declared her dead.

No other remains of her have been found, and the matter of her property is set to hit the courts later this year.

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