On one hand, I admire everyone that even tries to solve a problem. Imagine that you’re someone who really wants to keep up with the Cricket World Cup, but also you have some driving to do. Your problem is that you can’t see a way to do both. How do you solve that problem? You could, maybe, strap your phone to the steering wheel and watch live score updates. That’s certainly one way to tackle it. Or maybe — and bear with me here — you could just switch on the radio. Seems easier.

A man in NSW has received a not insignificant 24 demerit points this weekend for speeding, improperly securing a child, and for taking the ‘phone on the steering wheel’ option in regards to keeping up with the cricket.

According to NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, the 33-year-old was pulled over doing 96km/h in a 70 zone on the Cumberland Highway on Sunday night, with police quickly taking issue with the way he had elected to keep track of the India vs Australia match.

As the driver pointed out, it was held to the steering wheel with a purpose-built strap/clip system, similar to the one shown below.

Unlike a regular phone cradle, this one blocks a fair portion of the dash and, obviously, moves when the steering wheel does.

According to the police, the phone was displaying both the cricket score updates and a navigation app at the same time. In the video uploaded by police, only the navigation app is visible on the phone.

The man was hit with double demerits for three infringements — exceeding the speed limit over 20km/h, use of a mobile phone when not permitted, and having a child in the car aged between two and four that is not restrained as prescribed.

Image: Facebook