Embattled actor Craig McLachlan faces fresh allegations of sexual misconduct, after an actor and crew member from the ABC series The Doctor Blake Mysteries came forward with allegations that he harassed staff and engaged in explicit behaviour on the set of the show.

The crew member in question worked on several episodes of the show in late 2016, and said that he was shocked at the extent to which Craig McLachlan’s behaviour and sexual innuendos appeared to be accepted by those around him, even though many would complain in private.

Speaking anonymously to the ABC, the crew member recalled an incident in which he asked McLachlan if he would like a drink, and the actor replied “no thanks, I’d prefer a hand job thank you.” He also spoke about another incident involving a banana:

It was me, the director, Craig and two actors who were just there for the one episode. One was an older man, the other was a young woman in her mid to late 20s. At the time she hadn’t really done much at all. Right in the middle of rehearsing this scene, Craig gets up and walks out. He comes back a minute later and he’s got a banana.

He’s holding it where his crotch is and starts thrusting it into the face of the actress and then into the face of the director and everyone just kind of laughs because what else are you going to do? I am looking around the room thinking, ‘what the fuck! Are you serious?’

Another actor, who was an extra on the show, recalled an incident in which McLachlan appeared to “dry hump” a crew member. He said:

The scene was set in an apple orchard. I was playing a migrant fruit picker. It was a break during filming at the location, at the orchard. I was just sitting around and Craig came up to a woman, I think she was in wardrobe, and he pressed his crotch against her leg, while she was facing the other way. He said, ‘Oops, you got a bit of knob on you’. She joked and laughed it off, like it was a common thing.

In a statement earlier this week, December Media, the production company behind Doctor Blake, said that it had not heard any allegations against the actor; in the wake of the latest allegations, the company has promised an independent investigation involving all cast and crew on the series.

Craig McLachlan has not responded to the allegations involving Doctor Blake, however, production of the current season has been placed on hold.

Source: ABC News
Image: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe