Liberal MP & Climate Shit-Talker Craig Kelly Apologises For “Pommy Weather Girl” Remark


Liberal MP Craig Kelly has apologised to British meteorologist Laura Tobin for calling her an “IGNORANT POMMY WEATHER GIRL,” after he shared a Facebook post which ignored her extensive credentials and a degree in physics.

The backbencher, who verbally sparred with Tobin during a live interview on Good Morning Britain, took to social media after the segment to dispute her claim that he’s a climate denier.

In addition to the “WEATHER GIRL” taunt, Kelly offered to send Tobin papers from the the Bureau of Meteorology and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in an effort to prove his points.

(Coincidentally, both organisations support the idea that fossil fuel use is a primary contributor to skyrocketing atmospheric CO2 levels. Funny, that.)

Tobin hit back on Twitter, outlining her experience and portraying Kelly as an antipodean goon.

Kelly told the Sydney Morning Herald he deleted his Facebook post after some of the comments got out of hand, and explained his comment as “a bit of quid pro quo”.

“I use the word ‘pommy’ as a term of endearment for all my English mates,” he said.

“The ‘weather girl’ might have been a little bit tongue-in-cheek. But she used the ‘denier’ slur and basically cut me off and didn’t give me a chance to respond.”

In the time since deleting the post aimed at Tobin, Kelly’s Facebook page has shared content challenging Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan over carbon emissions, and a YouTube video which claims Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis is par for the course.

So, “climate denier” might actually be an accurate descriptor for Kelly, who serves as a key member of the Parliamentary Friends of Coal Exports group.

No apologies for that one – yet.