There’s light at the end of the tunnel, my mates. Because Mike Baird, destroyer of fun and frivolity, has announced a two-year ‘trial relaxation’ of the notorious Kings Cross and CBD lockout laws.

After the biggest review that the kneejerk legislation has been subjected to, High Court Judge Ian Callinan resolved that the 1.30am lockout is a bit of a shit go, and strongly suggested that the Baird Government introduce a trial run of pushing back the lockout to 2am and last drinks to 3.30am isn’t unreasonable.

The cabinet has agreed to implement the relaxation. It’s happening. It’s actually happening.

CRACK A TIN: Baird Confirms 2-Year Trial Relaxation Of Syd Lockout Laws

The recommendations from Callinan also include pushing back the closure of bottle shops and takeaway booze to 11pm, and home delivery to midnight.

His suggestions are also backed with acceptance that the relaxation trial may bring with it a surge in consumption and traffic back into the Kings Cross and CBD precincts, which have been suffering some of the most devastating gutting of nightlife and business since the lockouts were introduced in early 2014.

Hopefully a relaxation of the lockouts will also help to ease the strain put on areas just outside of the exclusion zones like Newtown, Surry Hills and Pyrmont, where shit behaviour from punters has spiked in recent years.

It’s been three months since the review and advice from the High Court was given to the NSW Government, and although it’s not the ideal outcome for the relentless fighters for nightlife over at Keep Sydney Open, it’s a win nonetheless.

Source: SMH.

CRACK A TIN: Baird Confirms 2-Year Trial Relaxation Of Syd Lockout Laws