A Car With The Number Plate COVID19 Has Been Casually Sitting At Adelaide Airport For Months

Just in case that cake video didn’t make you question all that is real, get ready for this.

A mysterious BMW with the numberplate ‘COVID19’ (!) has been parked at Adelaide Airport for months (!!), ABC reports.

According to Steven Spry, a staff member at the airport, the mystery machine has been sitting in the staff car park since at least mid-March, before Australia’s coronavirus restrictions began, and possibly since “February or even earlier” (!!!!!).

Spry said he first noticed the Corona Car after a protective cover was blown off by wild weather in April, making for a fairly dramatic reveal.

Staff members are only meant to leave their vehicles in the parking lot for 48 hours max, making the lengthy presence of the swish BMW all the more suss. “You’d think a family member would have gone to get,” Spry stated

“We seem to think it might be a long-haul pilot who has gone overseas and can’t get back,” he said.

Some quick maths:

  • It takes at least 10 days for a personalised number plate to go from purchase to being issued
  • The car has “Definitely” been there since mid-March
  • The car is registered until September 26, 2020
  • Registration can be taken out for either three or 12 months.
  • Custom number plate agreements are for 12, 24 or 36 months
Scenes from the Pedestrian office after learning this news.

I don’t want to start any conspiracy theories or anything, but this is weird. So who owns this car? What does it all mean? Is his name just Coen Vides and his birthday the 1st of September? Or is it a glitch in the simulation? Somone from the future perhaps?