Correction: Boy, do we look silly! Turns out this whole schemozzle was in fact a prank! Jan Binskin has since told ABC Radio National that they had acquired the wine on board the ship. Afterwards, they decided to prank their Facebook friends with the made-up story. Guess their prank worked a little too well…

Earlier today, we reported that some 3,700 passengers and crew were in lockdown onbard the Diamond Princess cruise liner in Yokohama due to a coronavirus outbreak. Two of the passengers currently confined to their cabin are Jan and Dave Binskin from Queensland, who’ve gone viral after it was revealed that they ordered wine to their cabin via a drone. Where there’s a will, there’s a bloody way, folks.

“Quarantined on the Diamond Princess in Yokohama Japan now into Day 6 of 14,” they wrote from their Facebook profile. “We are confined to our cabin and get let out every 4/5 days for 1 hour walk on the deck we are well and in good spirits so far.”

(Sorry, but I just have to sidebar for a hot second to discuss how simply divine it is that they share a Facebook profile. This gives me all of the feelings. How good’s love? Anyway, I digress.)

What happened next is a truly inspiring tale.

Jan and Dave craved some alcoholic beverages – I mean, they’re only human –  and managed to receive some bottles from Naked Wine Club via a drone. That is dedication and a half, and, for that, Jan and Dave have my utmost respect.

“Naked Wine Club your incredible just got the First Drop Thank God For Drones the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what the Fuck was going on”

(Image: Facebook / Jan Dave Binskin)

Jan and Dave Binskin are so damn relatable and I adore their efforts pop open some bubbly.

(Image: Facebook / Jan Dave Binskin)

As 175 onboard cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, the couple will in lockdown for at least another 6 days. In all seriousness, it’s great to see the duo with a positive attitude, despite the tense situation they’re currently in. Let’s all pour one out for these legends tonight. Bottoms up Jan and Dave.

Image: Facebook / Jan Dave Binskin