Couple That Got Engaged On TV After ‘Yes’ Vote To Marry On Mardi Gras Float

Like a lot of queer people, I spent the morning that the results of the postal survey were released as a jubilant teary mess. While the tears stemmed from a complicated and very difficult to untangle web of happiness, relief, stress, and bourbon, a chunk of them could be very clearly attributed to these lovely fellows:

Nothing makes me weep big stupid tears like joyous expressions of gay happiness, and James Brechney proposing to Stuart Henshall immediately in the wake of the results coming out fit the bill wonderfully.

If two gorgeous men in sequins and a hot pink suit getting engaged in the gayest moment in Australian history tickled your fancy, you’re going to get ridiculously hot and bothered when you hear when and where they’re getting married: on a moving float during Sydney‘s 2018 Mardi Gras.

Making this wonderful confluence of gayness even gayer is the fact that the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras marks the 40th anniversary of the first event in 1978. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Brechney says they’re chuffed as to be able to do it in this manner: “To have this moment of our lives celebrated at the same time is incredibly special. We feel very privileged and honoured.

The intention is that around 80 people dancing around the float will form the wedding party and that the couple will tie the knot as the float passes through the former site of the rainbow crossing at Taylor Square.

I dare you to have a wedding gayer than this. I fucking dare you.