It’s a historic day, dear friends!
No, nothing monumental went down in Canberra. No, it’s got nothing to do with politics in general. No, it’s not even about some earth shattering revelation from Hollywood.
Mark it down in your calendars: Friday, December 2nd 2016 is the day that the world’s preeminent numerical vampire Count von Count finally reached the mythical 1,000 mark on Twitter.
Sesame Street‘s much beloved Count has been using his Twitter feed solely to count upwards, beginning with number one way back in May of 2012. With the occasional extended hiatus in between, he’s been adding one number to the tally every 8 hours over the ensuing years, gradually ascending to the magical four-figure mark.
Earilier today, at around 3:27am AEDST, the most mathematical Muppet hit the glorious, shimmering peak. And there was much rejoicing.

Oh my god. It’s… it’s beautiful.

The outpouring of joy and relief from all who were present to witness such a momentous occasion was instantaneous, overwhelming, and in one case weirdly accusatory.

But what of the road that lead us to here? What transpired across this epic 1,636-day journey?

Like most historic events, it had humble beginnings:

Quickly, the Count figured out that he was on to something quite special:

Even though the enormity of the task in front quickly dawned on him…

…he soon got on a roll, and things got nice:

And then, a milestone! The first of many:

However soon thereafter, the wobbles begun to settle in. Doubt. Uncertainty.

The wheels quickly began falling off, and the mammoth slog of the job clearly began wearing on him; numbers lost their enthusiasm, counting began to shed its once-glistening sheen, revealing the cold, heartless, mechanical bitch beneath.

But a sudden shift in attitude in July of 2015 returned the Count to his former BLAZE of glory:

And soon a devilish glint returned to the ole’ eye:

After a short sabbatical to regroup and find the counting spark, the Count returned in September, finish line in sight, with a renewed passion and energy:

And from there, folks, the rest is now history.

One thousand numbers, sequentially counted, all in order. Such a feat will surely be talked about for generations to come. You’ll pass the story on down to your children, and your children’s children, regaling them of where you were when the mythical thousand was cracked.
But what now? What now for the Count? Where does he move on from here?
Quite simply, he does not stop. For a true counter’s work is never done, my friends.

That right there? That’s the mark of a man who counts not for the fame or the glory, but for the pure pursuit of counting itself.

Homeboy is a soul counter. The truest of all the counters.

Source: Twitter.