Could You Eat A 1kg Burrito For Cinco de Mayo?

A couple of years ago while in a state of horizontal incapacitation I stumbled across a cable channel with an entire marathon dedicated to the art of competitive eating. I’ll never forget the line-up of tiny Japanese dudes and morbidly obese American men soaking hot-dog buns in buckets of soft drink before downing upwards of sixty of the soggy breadstuffs and their processed sausage counterparts into their mouths, several hot dogs at a time. It was like a culinary car crash; the perfect recipe of repulsive and engrossing that made you want to barf and keep eating afterward.

Which brings me to my next point. Like Takeru Kobyashi – yes, his name stays with me until this day – you too can partake in a man vs. food challenge of your own with Mad Mex’s Cinco de Mayo 1kg Big Burrito challenge. If you can eat a 1kg burrito in an hour, not only will it be on the house, but you can win a limited-ed (yet-to-be unveiled) t-shirt, designed by Sydney-based illustrator and designer, Alex Lehours and bragging rights that you have an incredible capacity for stomaching a kilo of Mexican, like this guy: