Cops Track Down Woman From Racist Tirade On SA Bus & She’ll Face Court

Over the weekend, passengers of an Adelaide bus in Fullarton were horrified to witness a woman deliver a grossly aggressive racist tirade against an Asian family with young children. 
The woman screamed,
“Excuse me, Chinese fucking people, you fucking talk about disrespectful!

Excuse me they’re not fucking people, they’re not fucking Australian!

Wake up man. Close your fucking eyes ay.

Literally they’re fucking invading our country, can’t you see it fucking Chinese people fucking everywhere!

Oi, are you fucking Australian? She didn’t fucking pay for her ticket, did she dick face?

They’re not fucking people, they’re not fucking Australian, and she didn’t pay for her fucking ticket!”
Watch the original news report below:
The woman continued yelling until a couple witnessing the incident stepped in and told the woman to stop. 
Jenny and Clive Starr blocked the terrified family from the woman’s bigoted abuse, and told her “that’s enough” and her abuse was “a disgrace”. 
The 31-year-old woman in question has now been found by police.
She’s been reported for offensive language and breach of bail, and has been barred from public transport for three months under a Transport Barring Order
She’ll receive a summons to court at a later date. 
Source: 9 News / The Advertiser.
Photo: 9 News.