Seven protesters involved in this morning’s (surprisingly not lockout-related) protest atop Kings Cross’ Coke billboard have been charged, NSW Police reports. 

The Greenpeace members were slapped with trespassing charges after scaling the billboard, and were granted bail. They’ll be appearing before the city’s Downing Centre Court Complex on April 19. 

Their goal was to draw attention to Coca-Cola’s opposition to Premier Mike Baird’s proposed cash-for-cans scheme.  

If it comes through in 2017, it’ll mean fizzy drinks will cop an extra 10c surcharge, which is fully refundable after the empty is dropped off at a recycling depot. That surcharge is reportedly a concern to soft-drink manufacturers. 

Earlier, NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes said the program is “about creating an incentive to deal with our litter problem, and empowering people to do something about it, when so many environmental problems can seem disempowering”.

South Australia has also had a similar – and successful – system in place for yonks. 

This morning’s protest was a continuation of Greenpeace’s campaign against the beverage industry’s lobbying. While Greenpeace protests are standard operating procedure, seeing activists in Kings Cross somewhat supporting one of Mike Baird’s policies is a rare sight indeed. 

Source: NSW Police
Photo: Pedestrian / Chloe Sargeant.