Canada sounds like a pretty chill place, right? Not for this bloke. Russell Laight spent five nights in a courthouse jail in Newfoundland because border agents at the airport mistook a jar of his friends ashes, which he was in Canada to scatter, for fuckin’ ketamine.

Cops Mistook Human Ashes For Ketamine, Chucked Bloke In The Slammer

He was en route to Halifax, Nova Scotia to meet a mutual friend, with whom he would scatter the ashes of friend Simon Darby. That, uh, didn’t happen. He’s out, after testing proved that the airport’s scanners provided a bad reading, but he doesn’t have the ashes. Presumably they’re locked in a filing cabinet somewhere.

“I was very, very unhappy about it,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Company. “Very unhappy that my friend’s relatives were unhappy as well. I heard there were lots of people crying over it, lots of people upset about it.”

He does however admit that he didn’t properly fill his paperwork out. You should probably do that. You should probably doubly do that if you happen to be transporting, ya know, the ashen remains of a human body in a jar. Just a heads up on that one.

Source: Metro

Image: AP