Cheeky Cops Cop The Boot After Blaming 500kg Of Missing Pot On Hungry Mice

Eight cheeky and thoroughly screwed cops over in Pilar, Argentina have lost their jobs after coming up with a pretty shit excuse for a missing 540kg of marijuana. According to the accused coppers, mice had gotten their little paws on the loot and had their own lit party in the police warehouse.

A solid excuse.

According to The Guardian, the disappearing drugs first attracted attention during an inspection of the police warehouse for impounded drugs. Of the registered 6,000kg, only 5,460kg turned up after its two-year time in storage.

Word around the block is former police commissioner Javier Specia left the inventory for the impounded marijuana unsigned back in April 2017. 

The new commissioner who took over from Specia, Emilio Portero noticed this and alerted the force’s internal affairs division and the inspection soon followed.

Specia and three of his subordinates were called before a judge and asked to give reason for the missing narcotics.

And that’s when all four policemen said the drugs had been “eaten by mice”.

Forensics were quick to point out mice (or just any rodent) wouldn’t confuse food with drugs. And, not even a whole gang of mice could feast on 540kg of grass. 

A spokesperson for the judge said,

“Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food, and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse.”

Unsurprisingly, all the policemen involved were fired pretty quick.

The four policemen will return to court on May 4 where a judge will determine whether or not the drugs are missing due to “expedience or negligence”.

A tough decision.

Specia’s in some even deeper shit as he faces an internal police investigation for not presenting his sworn income statement for 2017.

Happy Friday.