With world-class beaches, kickass music festivals and delightfully stoned locals, Byron Bay is the closet thing Australia has to a utopia.

Scratch that, it was the closest thing we had to a utopia. Because look who’s come along to ruin yet another part of this terrifying country for us.

Would you look at that goddamn monster? Sisters Simone and Michelle Hunjak found that tree monster apparently on their way back from Byron Bay’s lighthouse, where they seem to have gotten lost and fallen into a one of the lower rings of Hell.

While Michelle somehow made it out of The Pit, she’s also sadly come down with a nasty case of Stockholm Syndrome

“I really love snakes so it was amazing to see the feeding in person. I had no idea they would be able to eat something like that.

“I was more intrigued and excited rather than scared.”

Carpet python or not, this thing is a goddamn demon and it has ruined the last nice place in this snake-infested country.

Cop A Squiz At This Carpet Python Munging On A Whole Possum At Byron

Way to go, dick.

Source: 9 News.

Photos: 9 News / Simone & Michelle Hunjak.