Cop A Squiz At These Batshit Spec Designs For Trump’s Air Force One & Limo

Among other things, US President-Elect Donald Trump now gets to ride in Air Force One. There’s a concept to mull over. Fucking Trump Tower taco bowls stanking up the seats that Barack Obama‘s been farting in for 8 years. It’s a grim reality.

And though what’ll end up being the actual interior of the plane and his Presidential Limo will probably be yuge, terrific, really great (those other Presidential limos, they were a complete disaster, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it) that’s not stopping people with wild imaginations and way too much talent from running buckwild with the concept of a Trump fleet of vehicles.
Neill Blomkamp, who you might remember as the visionary director behind ‘District 9,’ has always had his bread & butter in crazy visual effects. Even now that he’s made his nut, he still uses his downtime to tinker on personal projects just because.
And his latest one? It’s a wee ripper.
Firstly, Blomkamp has completely overhauled Air Force One for the Trumpocalypse. Wrap your eyes around this magnificent beast.

Look at that! Orbital gun turrets! It’s own self-sustaining ecosystem! ALL-TERRAIN TREADS SO IT DOESN’T EVEN NEED A RUNWAY TO TAKE OFF.
It’s the kind of thing that you ordinarily run into deep into a Battlefield session from some modding fuck hell-bent on ruining everyone’s night.
But the limo? The limo is something else.
Whereas the reimagined Air Force One was not so much “plane” as it was “airborne brick of death,” Blomkamp has taken the design for the limo in a decidedly more resplendent direction:

Sweet merciful crap it is glorious. Nothing says “Hail to the Chief, bitches” like blinding everyone with your Fort Knox-on-wheels.
‘Course these are definitely not going to exist in any physical, function form whatsoever.
But then again, a Trump Presidency? Who bloody knows what that’s capable of.
Source: Jalopnik.