For $2.5M You Can Either Buy A Bog-Standard House In Syd Or… An Entire Town In Country Vic

coopers creek town for sale moira rose

If living your ultimate Schitt’s Creek life is something you want to do this year then you’re in luck — an entire town in rural Victoria is up for sale. The even better part? It’ll literally cost you the same as a pretty bog-standard house in a bougie spot in Sydney or Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Coopers Creek in Victoria’s eastern Gippsland region is a former township and mine that was set up in the 1860s during Victoria’s booming gold rush era. All that’s left of the town is a two-bedroom homestead, a campsite and a fully-equipped pub alongside several lot titles to build new properties on.

God, imagine owning a whole damn town. You’d have to buy yourself a big ol’ hat and call yourself the mayor.

I mean look at it — it’s a gorgeous slice of land and could be all yours for somewhere between $2.5 to $3 million.

That’s basically the price of a two-bedroom flat in Bondi so in the grand scheme of things, it’s a steal. Would this not pay for itself as soon as you plonk a few houses on it like you’re running the Monopoly bank? Could you convince a few mates to build on some of the lots and make your own tiny town?

Maybe you could even cosplay your ideal Rose family dreams and drag your own family out there for a forced tree change. You could live upstairs in the pub and exclaim “Ewwww David!!” at any given moment despite you not having a brother, let alone one named David played by Dan Levy.

The agents selling Coopers Creek are currently looking for expressions of interest so if you’ve got a particularly cashed-up group chat in your back pocket maybe you could even all go in together and live in your own little country town. That’s not a commune, right? Definitely nothing suss there at all.