It must be that point in the arc of history. Queensland MP and layabout George Christensen is getting his moment. That his moment appears to be around thinking everything is terrorism and opposing school anti-bullying education is somewhat immaterial. It’s his moment, folks.

It’s coming in the form of a Good Weekend profile with this, uh, somewhat confronting cover.

The profile, authored by Fairfax journo Matthew Knott, should be an interesting one. Christensen has forged a path trying to incite the same kind of anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT policies he always has, but with an injection of Trump-like populist outrage. The only difference is that George Christensen really only has a small fanbase, because he’s deeply unpleasant and not in the fun way Trump manages to pull off.
So will this be a pointless fluff piece which does nothing except give Christensen a free pulpit to preach his shit from? Or will it be an actual exploration of the bloke. Time will tell. Until then, memes:

The profile will appear this weekend.
Source: Twitter.