Commonwealth ATMs Dispensed Free Money Yesterday

Well this is…ironic? Commonwealth ATMs allowed people to withdraw more money than was in their accounts yesterday after a technical glitch turned 40 ATMs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane into the free cash dispensaries of our dreams. Police warn the windfall won’t last long though. Already two men have been charged with fraud after police found them with large sums of cash fraudulently obtained from a faulty ATM in Sydney’s west.

Superintendent Col Dyson from the New South Wales Police Fraud Squad issued a further warning today: “People will be out there, they’ll have money after having a rush of blood to the head thinking it’s a windfall for them,” he said. “If they know they’re not entitled to this money they may well have committed a crime… they really need to get the money back to the bank.”

The CBA have apparently recorded every fraudulent transaction and customers who abused the error will be forced to pay back any money owed. Nothing in this world is free (proven again!). If something is free it’ll only be so for a really short period of time after which you’ll feel ashamed, morally compromised and paranoid for swindling the magnanimous banks. Lesson learned, banks. Let us never deceive each other again.