Colombian Cops Release Photos Of Cassie Sainsbury W/ 18 Bags Of Coke

Colombian police have released photos of Australian woman Cassandra Sainsbury – who is accused of trafficking 5.8kg of drugs in her luggage – handcuffed and standing in front of what authorities allege is 18 packages of cocaine.

The photos were reportedly taken in Colombia’s capital Bogota shortly after she was arrested for drug trafficking.
Ms Sainsbury, from Moana in Adelaide’s south, is facing 25 years in prison. Her family claim she has been set up, and that she had no idea that the cocaine – which was allegedly stashed inside 15 pairs of headphones – was inside her luggage at all.
Her family started an online campaign to raise funds for her case, but copped quite a bit of flak from people who doubted her story. The page says that Cassandra “would never do anything like what she has been accused off [sic]. Anyone that knows her, would say she is a kind, loving, happy kind of girl. She would help anyone out in need, Cassie is also a volunteer for the CFS [Country Fire Service].”
 Her fiancé, Scotty Broadbridge, defended the effort:

Unfortunately it’s very easy for tourists to get targeted, especially in Colombia. If you don’t know Cassie, and the respectful, loving, caring person that she is, don’t be so negative. If this happened to your family is this how you’d want people responding to your situation. Just be respectful, we’re trying to get an innocent girl back home where she belongs.

That comment has now been deleted.

We’ll keep you posted as it develops further.

Photo: Colombian Police.