A Hot New Bombshell Enters The Villa: A Feathery Intruder Just Joined Melb’s Collins St Falcons

A collins st falcon in Melbourne

There’s been a spicy new update in the ever-evolving Keeping Up With The Collins St Falcons saga. Another falcon is threatening to hinder egg incubation and it’s something we should all be talkin’ about! The people of Melbourne, nay, the world must know.

According to Dr Victory Hurley, the National President of the Australasian Raptor Association (which is a thing that exists), a second, fuckboy male falcon is hanging around and being a bloody nuisance as per The Age.

This hot new bird’s nest bombshell is apparently looking to take over the joint and kill the other male in the process. Use your words, fellas!

“The incoming male hasn’t been successful, yet, and the resident male, for reasons I don’t understand, hasn’t been able to chase off or kill this intruder,” Hurley told The Age.

“But the downside is the female is left with all the incubation duties, and it appears possibly having to get her own food.

“I think what’s happening is every time her male brings her food, the intruder intercepts him and steals it off him or forces him to drop it.”

Fingers crossed the OG Melbourne falcon can win back his throne soon. We’re all rooting for him!

PEDESTRIAN.TV first reported on the Collins St falcons live stream back in 2019. Since then, the “367 Collins Falcon Watchers” FB group has grown to 37k members.

This year, even Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews got in on the fun, sharing the live stream link to his Twitter.

There’s been a multitude of dramatic storylines in the bird’s nest ever since it was thrust into the public eye like a feathery Big Brother.

In November 2020, the big Collins Street falcon news of the day occurred when the birds got scared by an aeroplane passing overhead. The footage was unbearably cute and was exactly the type of content the people of Melbourne needed back in the Lockdown Dark Ages™.

In 2022, we have once again been blessed with the opportunity to see what a $4000 per week apartment view on Collins Street might look like. We can dream, right?