The Coles ‘Down Down’ Guitar Is On eBay If You’re Keen To Shred (Lettuce)

Australian music’s second-most famous red right hand has emerged on eBay, prompting guitarists nationwide to ask themselves “would I spend several hundred dollars on an instrument shaped like a giant mitten?”

The guitar from Coles‘ maddeningly catchy Down Down advertisements has popped up on the auction site, six years after British rock band Status Quo first retooled their 1975 hit for the supermarket giant.

The listing answers a great many questions about the instrument, helmed in the ad by frontman Francis Rossi.

The seller claims it is a genuine Fender guitar, and a shot of its Squier neck plate and iconic headstock seems to confirm the legendary manufacturer’s involvement in the build.

via eBay

Forget any normal logo on this thing, though. Oh no. Only custom Coles and Down Down decals for this riff machine.

via eBay

Aside from that, it boasts a Stratocaster-style three pickup arrangement, complete with toggle switch, and two knobs we can only assume are for tone and volume.

Tellingly, some buckle rash on the back of the thing confirms the band must have actually put some wear into this thing.

via eBay

At time of writing, 18 people have bid on the guitar, with the top bid sitting at $366. That’s not too much more than what you’d pay for an entry-level Squier Strat and amp combo, with the added bonus of being unwieldy and forever associated with discounted groceries.

If you’re keen, have a peek HERE before the listing wraps up tonight.