Throughout this marriage equality campaign, plenty of businesses and corporations have proudly announced that they are on the ‘Yes’ side, and are throwing their support behind the LGBTQI community.

Many people often feel valid cynicism about this, as sometimes brands jump on the bandwagon of an issue, use the issue to drum up publicity and to gain favour with an audience, but then stop there without actually making a practical or financial difference.

Coca-Cola Australia is one company that is now backing up their symbolism with financial contributions.

We recently saw the iconic Kings Cross Coke billboard undergo a change, with an ad for No Sugar Coke being craftily turned into a billboard for marriage equality.

Now, Coke is going a step further from this nice symbolic show of support with a new product design, releasing a line of ‘Love’ cans in support of same-sex marriage.

The cans are absolutely adorable. Look at that little rainbow heart!

But more importantly than the cans being cute, proceeds from sales of the cans will be going to the ‘Yes’ campaign. Nice.

Coca-Cola’s statement about the campaign focuses on the company’s long history of standing up for “diversity, inclusion and equality” around the world.

We proudly strive for these qualities in our own business and support these rights for all in society. Every person has the right to happiness, so we believe it’s time for a change in Australia. No matter who you are or who you love, all couples should be treated equally.

We understand that not everyone will agree with our stance and we respect people’s right to hold a different view. We hope they’ll respect our right to support our staff, their family and friends, and our customers and consumers so that all can share the simple happiness of being together.

Symbolism and practical financial support.

Now that is refreshing.


Image: Coca-Cola Australia