NSW Man Shares Footage Of Asshole Cocky Circumventing Bin Lock To Steal The Treats Within

Confession: I voted for the rainbow lorikeet in the first round of Guardian Australia’s Bird of the Year poll. Dozens of them would convene for afternoon meetings in the tree next to my childhood home, temporarily making my street more colourful than it had any right to be. I love them and consider them my friends.

[jwplayer UDdSKjRr]

This is not to take from the humble magpie, whose warbles soundtracked countless weekend mornings, nor do I mean to disparage the flocks of ibis who flocked to nearby wetlands. Hell, I even have a soft spot for the Australian pelican, which the PEDESTRIAN.TV Editorial Department decreed was verboten while I took a sick day.

This is a roundabout way of saying that if I could vote twice, I would probably give the sulphur-crested cockatoo some love the second time around. This video, courtesy of Aussie environmental scientist Philip Zylstra, should explain why. Filmed just east of Wollongong, the footage shows a cocky land on a closed rubbish bin. After some real-time problem solving, the bird flips the simple wire ‘lock’, lifts the lid, and violently tosses it aside. Our avian friend then dives into the bin to chow down on dog food.

The only thing which could have made this video better? An ear-piercing victory screech. Chow down, big guy. You’ve earned it.