This Coast Guard Shot A Shark With A Machine Gun While Swimmers Escaped And Holy Fkn Shit

In one of the craziest videos you’ll probably see this evening, a US Coast Guard crew has been filmed opening fire on a fucking shark in open waters. And yes, there were people in the water while this was happening. And no, this is not Live Action Battleship 2.

The man behind the action was Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel Cintron, a maritime enforcement specialist aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Kimbal during the ship’s deployment somewhere in Oceania last Friday.

Cintron was standing on shark watch during a little thing called swim call, where basically everyone was in the water.

That’s when the two-metre shark surfaced, scaring the piss out of some 40 crew members who were in the water. The situation makes for an unreal piece of footage.

Thankfully both human and shark left the ordeal completely unscathed, in what counts as a win for both sides. You can check out the vid below, which features an iconic unicorn floaty.

Video supplied by U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer A.J. LaBarr

There was also a second POV floating around Twitter which is just as chaotic.

Next time you go swimming, please look out for our friendly sharks, and just watch out for machine gun bullets too while you’re at it.