Co-Star Is Now On Android, So Yr Non-iPhone Makes Can Also Be Encouraged To Star A Cult

co-star android

If you buy into the whole astrology thing, or you just love getting snarky insights on a daily basis, there’s a fair chance you’ve got the beloved Co-Star astrology app. But up until now, you could only be roasted by the astrological app if you forked out for an IOS device.

But thankfully, the brutal astrology/advice app is finally available for non-iPhone users too.

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After much anticipation, and a whopping 120,000 people on the waitlist, the company finally launched their Android app.

“There were over 120,000 of you on the waitlist, and yes, we read every single one of your DMs and emails,” the company announced. “The truth is, Co–Star is just eleven humans, and we wanted to get it right.”

The company took to Instagram to announce the new app to their 1.1 million followers.

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If you don’t know what Co-Star is, I urge you to text your token ~astrology~ friend, who constantly blames their bitchy mood on Mercury being in retrograde, because they’ve definitely got it. But basically, it’s an astrology app that delivers daily push-notifications of advice or spiritual guidance.

Sometimes, it’s helpful or motivational advice, like “avoiding your ex’s social media is always a good idea.” Other times, it feels like the app is writing it’s own Burn Book about you. It’s called balance, sweetie.

The company claims to use artificial intelligence and data from NASA (yes, NASA) to come up with their witty, sometimes brutal push notifications. This is why we haven’t gone back to the moon yet, we’re too busy using NASA information to create that ~relatable~ content.

But the major selling point for Co-Star has always been how shareable it is. With a built-in social networking aspect, you can connect with friends to share your horoscopes, so you’ll know if Karen is being a bitch, or if Mercury is in retrograde.

And now your Android-using friends can cop a hard razz from their phone every morning too.