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In an ideal world, any time a significant difference of opinion arose in a public space we’d all engage in the kind of calm, democratic debate that would make Socrates proud. We’d listen to our opponents, consider their opinions, offer a thoughtful rebuttal and maintain respect for one another at all times. 

Of course this ain’t an ideal world. Instead we’ve got bloviating trash like Pauline Hanson clogging up our public discourse, refusing to see reason, spewing lies and misinformation, victimising Australia‘s most vulnerable people and stirring up appalling levels of nationalism and paranoid racism. 

we know.

And in times like these, in the face of such deliberate and unabashed ignorance, sometimes the best and most satisfying thing you can do is this: just paint a fucken big ol’ mural of a dog doing something rude.

Taking the piss out of Pauline Hanson is a proud Australian tradition (shout out to Pauline Pantsdown, that shit is still a banger). The bloke rising to the challenge of Hanson Mach II is artist and activist Van T Rudd, who created this masterpiece on the wall of the Western Bulldogs AFL club (go dogs!) and managed to deftly take the piss both out of, and on to, the One Nation leader. 

I am so stoked to have been able to do this anti-Hanson mural in central Footscray today! Hasn’t been sanctioned by…

Posted by Van T Rudd on Friday, 19 May 2017

Look at that. What a beauty. 


In an accompanying Facebook post, Rudd said:

“I wanted to show that racism and extreme right-wing politics won’t be tolerated in Melbourne’s west. And shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere of course.”

Too right, mate. May that dog’s bladder be ever full. 

Source & image: Facebook / Van T Rudd.