Welp, Clive Palmer Has Reportedly Been Rushed To Hospital With ‘COVID-Like’ Symptoms

Well then. Mining billionaire Clive Palmer has reportedly been rushed to hospital in Queensland suffering from symptoms described as being “COVID-like.”

Reports from Queensland assert that three ambulances were called to Palmer’s Sovereign Island home, where they transported both Palmer and his wife Anna Palmer to hospital in Pindarra Point.

Palmer cancelled a planned address at the National Press Club on Tuesday, with an official statement citing that he was suffering from some form of ailment. Yesterday, a spokesman for Palmer told The Age that the 67-year-old was suffering from a virus, but that he had apparently returned a negative COVID test.

The UAP moneyman has claimed to be unvaccinated, and has issued numerous public comments in opposition of vaccine mandates and COVID health protocols. Palmer’s reasoning for not taking the vaccine were that he is “not in bad shape” and leads a “healthy life.”

Palmer’s relentless advertising throughout the pandemic has frequently drawn the ire of medical authorities, including the TGA, for spreading misinformation about vaccines and COVID treatments.

No official statement from Palmer or the UAP about his condition was available at time of writing.

More to come.