“Koalas Not Coal”: Protesters Gather Outside Aussie Embassy In London For Climate Rally

Climate Change

Scores of people have attended a climate change rally outside the Australian embassy in London, protesting our government’s lack of meaningful action as bushfires continue to devastate the nation.

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A crowd of more than a thousand gathered outside Australia House on The Strand, waving placards denouncing Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a “fossil fool” and a “derro.”

Others carried signs bearing slogans like “our home is on fire” and “wake up and smell the smoke”. The protest was organised by environmental group Extinction Rebellion.

Pressure is mounting on the Morrison government to do more to tackle climate change, although so far, no new climate policies have been announced on a federal level.

More than ten million hectares have burned in the current bushfire season, and it is feared that upwards of a billion animals have been killed, with some species driven to the point of extinction.

28 people have died so far, and more than 2200 homes have been destroyed. Smoke from the bushfires has drifted as far away as New Zealand, and led to “hazardous” air quality in major cities.

Climate Change

The London march kicked off hours after similar climate change rallies around Australia, with tens of thousands taking to the streets in our capital cities to protest government inaction.

Here are some more pics Pedestrian captured on the day:

Climate Change