It’s another beautiful day in Australia, and our nation’s newspapers are discussing a controversial post in a private Facebook group. You love to see it!

The group in question is Bunnings Mums Australia, and the post is about a care package of cleaning supplies left by a landlord for her new tenant.

The package included detergent, scrubbing brushes, antiseptic spray, toilet cleaner, garbage bags, and a bunch of other items you end up dropping $60-$70 on during your first post-move shopping trip. There’s even a laundry basket! And fresh loo roll! And PEGS.

It also included Tim Tams. Who doesn’t like Tim Tams?

“A house warming gift for new tenant to help keep our renovated unit in good order,” the landlord wrote on Facebook.

Nearly every response to the post was positive. Most people agreed it was a nice gesture, while others complained about the mostly useless items left by their landlords or realtors (everything from a bottle of water to an unflushed toilet). “I was lucky if we didn’t have to take ours to court,” one person commented, which is a fair assessment of the grim reality for renters in Australia.

There were, of course, a few grissly comments about the cleaning care package. “I’d be offended, personally,” one person said. “Pot plant, tea, or coffee hamper.” Another person added: “Great idea, but I only buy chemical free products.” Cool, good for you, man.

Comments on the Facebook post have now been closed, a not-unexpected outcome. Personally speaking, no landlord or agent has ever gifted me with anything other than leftover bog roll and a new toilet brush. Cleaning products? I’ll take the damn lot.

“Sorry if giving cleaning products offended some,” the landlord said later.

“This 22-year-old tenant appreciated the gift, clothes baskets, pegs, cloths was the last thing on her shopping list.”

Image: Facebook