Australia’s good run with Wolverine is about to get even better, with Melbourne-born writer Tom Taylor’s All-New Wolverine comics hitting the racks today in the U.S. 

Our #AllNewWolverine slices her way into stores this Wednesday.Are YOU picking up our first issue?

Posted by Tom Taylor on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

X-23 – that’s Laura Kinney, to us pathetic non-mutants – is set to take over from Logan in the series, but Taylor says the two have more in common than an adamantium skeleton. 

“She’s not unscathed by her early life, tragedies, and hardships but she hasn’t let anything beat her down,” he said, basically confirming she’s keeping Wolverine’s actual strongest superpower: A complete, eternal inability to let life shit on her. 

“A Wolverine story can’t be full of puppies and rainbows. She’s Wolverine. That comes with an inherent amount of rage and “snikt”!”

Oh, comic book onomatopoeia; how we love thee.

The Marvel comic series joins other recent re-imaginings for the publisher, with Thor Girl one of the latest to fill up the ranks;  if the sight of a *gasp*  woman hacking-and-slashing is just too much for your precious sensibilities, Taylor says “life’s too short for scared little boys.”

Slay, basically. And literally. 

Story via ABC.
Image via Marvel.