Cirque Du Soleil Has An Avatar-Themed Production In The Works

Never underestimate the cash you can make from a sleeping dog. Noted groin-stuffers and purveyors of global whimsey, Cirque du Soleil, have announced that they are bringing the most financially successful film ever to life on the stage. By late next year, they’ll be flipping and dancing and prancing around in a show inspired by Avatar – an announcement that reveals two things: Firstly, that Cirque du Soleil’s productions aren’t already mostly influenced by Avatar, and secondly, that Herbie Goes Bananas must’ve only missed out on being picked by a whisker.

The show is being produced for roll-out just prior to the release of the first of three planned sequels for Avatar, because fuck it, you’ll probably see them. They won’t be very good, or in any way necessary, but you’ll still go see them. It’s The Matrix “trilogy” all over again.
James Cameron, the mastermind director behind Pocahontas in Space Avatar is assisting the circus production with the development of the show. Though it marks the first time Cirque du Soleil has based an entire show on a film, it’s not the first time they’ve worked with James Cameron, as he collaborated with the group on the 2012 feature film Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D.
The new show has been promised to be rolled out “globally,” which means you’re there’s a fair chance you’re going to get an opportunity to see a weird bloke from Quebec dressed as a Na’Vi cut some sick flips in the not-too-distant future.
Photo: Theo Wargo via Getty Images.

via SMH.