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Let’s be real: if you have the mental and emotional capacity to resist the pleading eyes of your best friend when they’re staring longingly at your plate of food, you might actually be a monster. Buuuut turns out we’re probably sharing our plates just a lil’ bit too much, cause too many puppers are getting on the hefty side.

Chunky, big boned, bulky, fluffy, beefy, stocky and obviously, husky. We’ve made all the excuses. But 51% of our canine pals are actually overweight or obese and we need to do something about it.

And yes, dogs look hilariously cute even if they’re rolly and cuddly, but imagine if your pooch was actually a human – would you want them out of shape and unwell? Big ol’ nope for the big ol’ boi.

How To See What Your Beloved (But Chunky) Doggo Would Look Like As A Human

It can actually be pretty bloody difficult to identify whether some puppers are overweight or not until they’re at the point where their adorable tummies skim the ground. We’re so used to seeing big rolly pups that our perception of a healthy weight range is actually way off.

Black Hawk DogCheck can help sort ya Shih Tzu out though, ‘coz if you input your pup’s details into the platform it’ll give you an idea of what they’d look like as a human equivalent – making it a bit easier to see whether or not you should be concerned.

How To See What Your Beloved (But Chunky) Doggo Would Look Like As A Human

And yes, the results are confronting as heck because we’ve now realised that all the leftover feeds our doggos have been having, well, they’re beyond not necessary.

Once you’ve received the mortifying result that you haven’t been taking care of everyone’s favourite family member properly (don’t lie, it’s true), you can actually start taking steps to get your pal on track again.

Give ’em the good stuff

Tempting as it may be to chuck all your ratty leftovers at your dog (or hand feed it to them while they wear a monogrammed bib, depending on who rules the roost in your household), you really oughta pay attention to the stuff you’re feeding them.

Healthy meats and veg is the way to go. Ice-cream? Not for puppies.

How To See What Your Beloved (But Chunky) Doggo Would Look Like As A Human

But not too much, yeah?

This is the part where most of us have our downfall. It’s so heckin’ easy to give in and just bestow upon your furry friend everything their heart desires because one look in those eyes and honestly we would just hand over the deed to our houses.

So stand firm, friends. Stay strong in the face of the onslaught. Look away from the pleading eyes. Resist the furry cuddles. Give them just the amount of food they need and not a scrap more, because you know better.

How To See What Your Beloved (But Chunky) Doggo Would Look Like As A Human

More walkies pls

We know, we know. Exercise. You either love it or you hate it. But there is nobody on this entire planet that loves exercise as much as a puppy loves a walk. SO MUCH TO EXPLORE. So many things to see and sniff and wee on. Really, it’s the dream.

So you’re gonna wanna make sure your pup is absolutely getting paws on the pavement so that they don’t pack on the pounds. And ya know, it’s probably good for you too. Fresh air and all that. Might be nice.

How To See What Your Beloved (But Chunky) Doggo Would Look Like As A Human

So check out your dog’s actual status by popping in its age, weight and a coupla other details, so you can make smarter choices to keep your best pal around for longer. Because honestly, dogs are the purest of all beings, and should be treated as such. Just saying.

Image: iStock / forisana