Education Minister and very senior Leader of the Government in the House of Representatives who knows things, Christopher Pyne, appeared opposite Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese on TODAY this morning, during which time he not only managed to drop one of his signature ‘C[unt]’ Bombs but also couldn’t confidently comment on the security of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s status as leader of the Liberal Party.

When pressed by Karl Stefanovic to answer the question of whether or not Prime Minister Tony Abbott has the numbers to retain leadership after Tuesday’s party room meeting, Pyne replied, “That’s a very inexact science, I hope he does, yes.” Then, when asked by Stefanovic if Abbott will be PM next Wednesday, Pyne could only muster a pithy, noncommittal “Well I certainly hope so,” before surreptitiously telling Albanese that he will “C U Next Tuesday” [when there’s a new PM]. 

Pyne, you sly dawg! It takes one to know one, tbh:

“I assume that the party room knows that the worst thing we could possibly do is change leadership right now. We have to support the PM. I’ve been supporting him very strongly in the past 10 days while this has been going on. I have been doing as much media as I possibly can, as I am this morning, because I believe that he remains the best person to be leader of the party.” 

Post by TODAY.

Pyne has since seen fit to clarify his cunty comments – it was early, he was “tired” he told Sky News Australia – and now maintains that he doesn’t believe there will be a spill motion, that Tuesday’s agenda will only contain business as usual, and that he didn’t call his opposition a cunt. 

“I don’t believe there should be a spill

I don’t believe Tony Abbott should be replaced as leader.

We should get on with the job for a positive CONSERVATIVE agenda.

I am leader of the house and minister of education and I am doing the best thing for students and parents.

The media have totally over reacted to my comments.

My remarks were in no way designed to kick things along. 

 The entire Cabinet have made it perfectly clear that they support Tony Abbott, and that has not changed.

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop could not have been more loyal & supportive of the Prime Minister and they remain so.

Sure thing, buddy. At the time of writing, #libspill, #itson, #Tony, #Turnbull and #auspol are all #trending. 

Still waiting on #cunt.

via The Guardian