I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Education Minister Christopher Pyne, a man who is a prominent member of the current Liberal Government, has today set up a petition that attempts to implore the lefty pinkos last great bastion of hippy psycho babble – the ABC – from shutting down its production facilities in South Australia due in large part to the funding cuts soon to be imposed on the broadcaster by the same Liberal Government of which Pyne is a member.

If you can figure out how that one’s supposed to work, you’re certainly doing better than me.

Pyne posted the Change.org petition on his Facebook page today, urging people to put their name to paper to help a groundswell of noise that he hopes will convince the national broadcaster to rethink the proposed closing of their production facility in Adelaide.

The petition is in response to a Media Watch segment on Monday which claimed that, due to looming Federal budget cuts, the unit will be closed and somewhere in the vicinity of 500 jobs will be lost.

The petition states that “ABC South Australia produces television that is often with a regional focus, including but not limited to The Cook and The Chef, Poh’s Kitchen, Dream Build, the Karta orang-utan documentary at Adelaide Zoo, The Beatles 50th anniversary tour documentary, a forthcoming country-based heritage restoration series and more. These television series are targeted at individual groups within the community and are crucial to a diverse market. By moving ABC TV elsewhere, it will incur unnecessary costs and remove the efficient and innovative production unit from South Australia.

Just to reiterate here: Christopher Pyne, a high-ranking member of the Liberal Government, has used a Change.org petition to attempt a grass-roots political campaign aimed at keeping an arm of the ABC from closing down due to budget cuts handed down by his own Liberal Government.

I think it’s clear that, at some point over the course of the night, we all somehow walked through the Scary Door.

Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images