If The #ChristmasCatsOfInstagram Don’t Make You Feel Furstive, Nothing Will


If there’s one thing we can now start looking forward to each and every Christmas, it’s humans dressing their pets up in furstive garb. Once the dressing of said pet has been complete, they finish off the operation by uploading a cute lil’ pic to Instagram – which is where #ChristmasCatsOfInstagram comes into the equation.

Yes, #ChristmasCatsOfInstagram might be a common hashtag for some of you, but for the uninitiated, it’s the cat’s pyjamas. To get you in the swing of things this Christmas Eve, we’ve collected some of our fave pics for you to lose your shit over.

Meow-y Christmas, you pawsome people.


As a side note, this writer is surprised that (to his knowledge) one former editor of this very outlet is yet to have posted one image sporting #ChristmasCatsOfInstagram. He suspects, however, that this crazy cat lady will upload something in light of this direct criticism.