A Rare Planet Conjunction Will Appear On December 21 & It’s Being Called The Christmas Star

An extremely rare planet conjunction will grace our skies on December 21, and offer a sight that hasn’t been seen since 1623 and it’s being called a ‘Christmas Star.’

Yep just a few days before Christmas Jupiter and Saturn will be so close to each other in the sky that they will appear as one massive planet like star. Giving us our very own little Christmas miracle. Aww.

There will only be a tenth of a degree separating the two planets, and they won’t appear that close to each other again until 2080, according to the ABC.

So how do you get to see this rare Jupiter/Saturn conjunction?

Well according to NASA it will be visible in the early evening and you’ll have about 1-2 hours to see them. NASA said you’ll be able to see the Christmas star with the naked eye and it will appear brighter than nearly every star.

If you’re wondering how you can get a good photo of the Christmas star for the gram, don’t worry NASA has you covered fam. They shared tips on how you can get the best photo on your mobile, which you can peep below.

  • Jupiter and Saturn will be bright enough to detect in many cell phone cameras. You won’t see additional detail by zooming in, but you can frame Jupiter and Saturn creatively.

  • Some recent cell phones have a ‘night mode,’ which will automatically stabilize a long-exposure, even without using a tripod. This can be great for capturing the dark foreground of your photo. Some phones will let you use ‘night mode’ on exposures up to 30 seconds, if you also use a tripod.

  • Many cell phones have a wide-angle lens. Try using this to place a subject in the foreground, with Jupiter and Saturn above them.

  • At the time of conjunction on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn may be too close to separate clearly in your photos. Images taken a few days before or after the conjunction may show them more clearly.

Alright go get your pics, you star!