Images showing the damage of this week’s ‘disturbance’ on Christmas Island were released today, all but confirming the proposed seven-figure damage bill required to clean up the mess the ‘disturbance’ caused.

The pictures give the impression the riot ‘disturbance’ racked up some pretty serious damage at the detention facility.

Appliances were torn apart, offices were ransacked and a building was burnt out during the ‘disturbance’, which followed the death of detainee Fazel Chegeni after an apparent escape attempt last week. 

In a release, the Department says “a full survey of damage to the centre is yet to be completed, but some common areas appear to be severely damaged.”

“Work to repair the centre will be undertaken as a priority.”

The Department said the core group of rioters violent detainees involved in the ‘disturbance’ had been forcibly detained, and ABC reports seven individuals have been transported to a facility in Perth.

There’s no start-date set for the clean-up, but the Department reports all detainees are safe and have been accounted for.

Story via Sky News.
Images via Twitter.