Christian Porter Denies Raping A 16 Y.O. Girl In 1988 In Public Statement Addressing Letter

christian porter rape

Attorney-General Christian Porter has confirmed he is Cabinet Minister named in a letter which is believed to allege that he anally raped a 16-year-old girl in 1988.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Porter staunchly denied any wrongdoing in regards to the allegation.

“The things that are being claimed to have happened did not happen,” he said.

“Nothing in the allegations that have been printed ever happened.”

Unsurprisingly, Porter will not stand down from his job and plans to continue in the role of Attorney-General despite increasing pressure on him to quit.

“If I stand down from my position as Attorney-General because of an allegation about something that simply did not happen, then any person in Australia can lose their career, their job, their life’s work based on nothing more than an accusation that appears in print,” he declared.

“If that happens, anyone in public life is able to be removed simply by the printing of an allegation. Every child we raise can have their lives destroyed by online reporting of accusations alone. My guess is if I were to resign and that set a new standard there wouldn’t be much need for an Attorney-General anyway because there would be in rule of law left to protect in this country, so I will not be part of letting that happen while I am Attorney-General and I am sure you will ask and I will state to you, I am not standing down or aside.

Additionally, Porter denies having any sexual relations with the woman in question.

“I did not sleep with the victim. We didn’t have anything of that nature happen between us.”

For those unfamiliar with the situation, a letter alleging that Porter raped a 16-year-old girl in 1988 was sent to a number of politicians including Scott Morrison, Penny Wong and Sarah Hanson-Young earlier this week.

The letter was sent by friends of the woman, who bravely came forward to police in June 2020 but tragically took her own life before a formal statement was ever recorded.

Throughout the press conference, Porter was asked the following question:

“Have you ever been the subject of any other complaints of this nature? Are you aware of anything else in your past that would make similar allegations?”

The Attorney-General simply replied, “no. No to both of those questions.”

However, it’s worth noting that Christian Porter was recently the subject of a Four Corners investigation into the “Canberra Bubble”, which alleged inappropriate relationships involving Porter and other ministers such as Alan Tudge. Porter “categorically rejected” these allegations.

Porter’s identification comes a day after the New South Wales Police announced that they declared “case closed” on the matter due to insufficient evidence.

More to come.

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