This is one of those theoretical arguments that will go on forever without answer because DC and Marvel are not, and never will be, mates.

But when your film opens by hauling in US$300million in box office receipts globally on your first weekend, you’re absolutely right to think you can throw hands with a fair amount of clout.

Wonder Woman‘ enjoyed a record-breaking opening weekend in theatres, raking in eye-watering amounts of money and smashing the record for highest grossing first weekend from a film with a female director.

Couple that with almost universal critical acclaim, and DC finally has itself a certified superhero hit to fill its long awaited “non-Batman” category.

So the question is now raised: where would Wonder Woman sit in amongst the rival Marvel‘s intimidating swathe of bulky tight-wearing super dudes?

As far as Chris Hemsworth is concerned, the answer is “pretty dang high.” He’s shaking, in fact.

Wonder Woman‘ star Gal Gadot posed the question to Hemsworth: who would win in a fight – Wonder Woman, or Thor?

For big bad Chris, that’s an open and shut question; Wonder Woman would rinse the Nordic Nerd.

But even despite that admission, Gadot is still keen to throw hands. Which, frankly, is terrifying.

And to think, he admitted that without the Lasso of Truth.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Handout/Getty.