Bloody hell, this whole EgyptAir hijacking story has turned out to be a bloody shambles, hasn’t it?!

Firstly, the whole hijacking wasn’t the work of terrorist group ISIS, as was originally suspected. It turned out to be a deluded dickhead who thought that holding up a plane was some kind of ‘romantic gesture’. Because all good rom coms begin with people terrified for their lives and having to climb out a cockpit window to face armed federal police… right?

Then, it came out that one of the passengers on the plane asked the hijacker if he could take a selfie with him. Which the Internet lost it’s mind over (“WHAT THE FUCK MODERN SOCIETY IS AWFUL” – you guys), except it was actually really clever because it meant that there was clear imagery of the hijacker and the suspected explosives that were strapped to his chest. 

Now, a story has come out about another passenger on the flight, who honestly couldn’t have given two singular fucks about the hijacking or continuing to be alive or whatever. 

According to The Mirror, the man slept through the entire hijacking, and only realised something was wrong when he woke up and was told that the plane had made an emergency landing in Cyprus, rather than it’s original destination of Cairo

He then allegedly flipped out because the emergency landing meant he would miss his connecting flight. 


Chillest Bloke In History Slept Through The Entire EgyptAir Hijacking

Damn, son. Those priorities are really somethin’. 

Source: The Mirror

Photo: CNN / Twitter.