Chewbacca Mum’s Meme-Train Keeps Choofin’ On With Zuckerberg Tour Of FB HQ

That delightfully-jolly lady with a Chewbacca mask and laughter in her heart, Candace Payne, has really done the rounds of the Internet, hasn’t she?
From her viral Facebook Live video – which was watched a whopping 139 million times – she’s since been featured on almost every talk show, gone and done Carpool Karaoke with J.J. Abrams and James Corden, and has caused the infamous mask itself to sell out
Now, she’s at bloody Facebook HQ
Mark Zuckerberg posted these photos, of Candace chilling, drinking coffee, and riding a bike with IRL CHEWIE:
So, it looks like Candace’s meme-reign is ongoing, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 
But we’re kind of okay with it? Literally every single thing she’s done due to her fame, she’s guffawed her way through it – what can we say, the woman loves to laugh. 
Source/Photo: Facebook