Chewbacca Mom Got Her Own Action Figurine & We’d Like To Stop The Train Now

[manic laughter]
What, you thought you’d heard the last of Chewbacca Mom? HA!
[violent sobbing]
PSYCH! Nah, it continues. 
Candace Payne is a name you know because she reached fantastical levels of fame by simply putting on a toy Chewbacca mask and filming herself hysterically laughing on Facebook Live, clinching the title for most viewed FB Live video of all time.
Since then, she’s had a helluva lot of media appearances, allegedly started charging $20 for autographs, made a shit tonne of cash money, and is now on the same level of fame as John Cusack, who has been a famous actor since the 80s and was very good in ‘High Fidelity’ and that 80s teen move where he holds up the boombox in front of the girl’s window. Whatever that was called.

Now, Payne has her very own action figure: 

And while her fame lasted a whole lot longer than most of us expected it to, there’s a lotta unhappy people responding to Hasbro. Here’s just some of them:

And we’ll be honest – while we are never opposed to happiness and joyfulness being shared on video, these are very, very, VERY valid questions:

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Twitter / @Hasbro.