Cher Just Witnessed Her Own Tribute At Mardi Gras And I’m Not Okay

As you may or may not know it’s the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Mardi Gras which is happening right this second and again, as you may or may not know Cher is there performing and blessing everyone with her presence. If that’s not enough to make you hyperventilate and or vomit glitter everywhere, Cher just watched a whole bunch of Cher clones (representing Qantas) in a chorus line belting out her iconic singles and Cher absolute bloody loved it.

Be still my beating heart.

Okay, we’re going straight to the pics ‘cos you need these in your life right now:

Did you read that tweet? They stopped the actual parade for her so everyone could grab a picture with the queen after the tribute. And of course, everyone cried. I bet Alan Joyce was sweating. 

And here’s some footage of Cher walking down a street and Sydney losing their absolute shit. Just look out for the bright orange wig and you’ll spot her straight away:

Also, apparently people abandoned the damn parade to chase after Cher. I don’t blame any of them at all.

I mean, just look at our queen:


As you can imagine, people were pretty excited to catch a glimpse of Cher. Even our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull got a selfie with her ‘cos you’d be an idiot not to.

Old mate and Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten also marched in the parade:

But back to Cher, ‘cos the fact the woman can pull off a bright orange wig is ridiculous and nobody was ready for it.

Yeah, so Cher making a special appearance at the Mardi Gras is a bloody big deal mostly because her iconic song, Believe is a bloody anthem for the LGBTQI+ community.

Just check out these excited fans below:

Honestly, why does Sydney get everything? It’s not fair.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to return to my Mardi Gras Spotify playlist and cry myself a river.