Chemtrail Conspiracists Fkn Lost It Over Virgin’s Beaut Stripy Cloud Pics

Virgin Australia‘s social media manager no doubt had really good intentions when they shared a small photo album of some particularly lovely and unique looking clouds to their Facebook page. 
The clouds were gorgeous! They were rippled so much that they looked like straight lines, and Very Good People Who Google Things Before Giving Opinions™ learned that they’re called Morning Glory clouds
They’re super rare, and the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia is legitimately the only place in the world where they happen regularly enough that they can be predicted. Cool, right? (Virgin’s photos were actually taken on a flight from Perth –> Adelaide, though. Morning Glory clouds can happen anywhere, they’re just super rare.)
Look, they’re bloody beaut:
Unfortunately though, there’s bizarre, groan-inducing jackasses who think chemtrails are a real and legitimate thing. Some of these people hijacked the post and have gone absolutely motherlickin’ HAM on it. 
We’re not kidding – the comments on that thread are a shitshow and a half. 
A few of these Youtube-educated conspiracy theorists even accused Virgin of spraying the chemtrails themselves. From the plane that the photographer was actually on when the photo was taken. That was going across the clouds, in the opposite direction. 
The thread is here, if you have too much time on your hands and love to trawl truther threads:
May the grammatical train wrecks that are Facebook comment threads about chemtrails wash from our brains, and let us revel in the fabulousness of this tweet, instead:

Well done Virgin Australia. Your photos of a natural and incredibly cool cloud phenomenon were insanely pretty.
Source: Facebook / Virgin Australia