Controversial comedian Chelsea Handler has spoken out in support of Jacinda Arden and her leadership qualities following the Christchurch shooting in an interview for her upcoming stand-up comedy tour.

She took to Twitter last week to promote her tour and remind the internet that Australia and New Zealand are pretty great when it comes to gun control, an issue that has ravaged the US forever.

But she didn’t stop there, in a recent interview with TimeOut, Handler praised the NZ Prime Minister on her swift handling of the issue of gun control following the Christchurch shootings.

“Obviously [Ardern’s] famous everywhere for what happened after the shooting there,” she told TimeOut. “She’s setting a good example. It’s too bad we don’t have anybody in our country who’s willing to listen to it.”

“It seems like the most common sense reaction any leader would have to a shooting,” she says of Ardern’s reaction, and the similar reaction by John Howard following the events of Port Arthur.

“It’s so senseless, our gun laws in America. I mean, it’s just so depressing every single day here. That’s another reason why I like travelling and getting the hell out of this country.”

Handler, who is a vocal Trump critic, also went on The Project as part of the press for her stand-up show, where she was asked about the US President. However, she promptly deflected the questions, claiming she wants a break from the president while she’s out of the country.

“The great thing about being out of the country is that… any time I have an opportunity to leave the country while Donald Trump is the president, I take it,” she told Waleed Aly. “So if I can take a break from reading his tweets, I enjoy that immensely because I used to have a problem,” she said, adding that she was “not familiar with the last 24 hours and I want to keep it that way.”

Despite having a pretty controversial past, Chelsea’s latest Netflix documentary Hello Privilege, It’s Me, Chelsea explores the comedian coming to terms with her own white privilege and how this affects American culture and her own life.

She’s also currently touring her latest stand-up show around Australia and New Zealand this month. You can find ticket information here.

Image: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre / Stephanie Keith